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By Dana | January 29, 2013 | Link | One Comment
Don't cry for me, R. Kelly Only one thing could stop us from paying any attention to the Pre-Fall collections, and that is R. Kelly clothing. The IMNOTATOY/Uncle Kelz Tee Collection, no affiliate to our savior R. Kelly, features the 90's icon and his angelic face screen printed onto a series of four T-Shirts. To wake up in the morning, ponder what your outfit of the day will be, and find R. Kelly's crying face literally trapped in your closet, is the only way to greet a new day. Only 50 prints of the full crying face were put into production, so grab one for a mere $40 before they disappear. See the rest of the IMNOTATOY/Uncle Kelz Tee Collection below. Spotted via: Four Pins


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  1. Jess Bloom

    staff shirts plz