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Olof, Karin is that you?

The Knife has been busy creating political visuals to accompany the release of their brand new studio album, Shaking The Habitual. The first three studio albums the Swedish brother-sister duo put out were decidedly more subtle-- pop and minimalism played more of a role than politics. Everything from the lyrics, to the emotion, to the visuals created to accompany Shaking the Habitual spell out the problems Karin and Olof Dreijer have with societal structures today.

They have enlisted artist friends involved in the queer community in Berlin, like illustrator Liv Strömquist and feminist porn Director, Marit Ostberg, to make the release more of a statement than the standard album drop. The Knife have released a collection of visuals, including music videos for the first two album singles, a comic book entitled, "End Extreme Wealth," and a photo series of a Swedish children's female football (IE. soccer) team wearing masks of Karin and Olof's faces. Creepy? They're supposed to be.

“I mean, you are putting masks of me and Olof on kids!” Andersson told Dazed, “So they are not really comfortable. And our faces are also from old press pictures that we did in 2003 or something. That is part of the idea. It’s playing a little bit on the phenomenon of how important it is for media to have pictures of artists who make music. So we took these old pictures and put the faces on other people.”

Check out more of the challenging visuals associated with the release of The Knife's Shaking the Habitual below. Click here to stream the album on Pitchfork Advance and head over to Rabid Records to pre-order your own copy.

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