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And in the real story of The Little Mermaid, the prince ditches her for a princess and she is stuck with legs, no voice and a broken heart. In order to get her tail back she must kill her love, the prince. She can't do it so she turns to foam and dies.

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2 Responses to “THE LADIES OF DISNEY”

  1. curiositydidit says:

    I’d like to point out that at least Belle also had a great thirst for knowledge and got to know the man inside the beast and that was not by looking pretty. She also fought for justice and fairness. hmmph. Don’t be pickin’ on my favorite princess.

  2. Sarah Jean says:

    This is so untrue. The first 3 are accurate to a pushed extent except you make it sound like Jasmine completely depended on Aladdin to save her, like she didn’t fight back or try to help herself. She in fact does try. Snow white is caring and compassionate and kind which even though the prince kisses her and she happens to be pretty he met her before, heard her singing in the forest and saw her singing to animals kindly and fell in love. And I’d like to defend Aurora but I’ve only seen Sleeping Beauty once when I was much younger so I don’t know a lot about the story but I’m sure that you twisted it into sounding like she only got love because she’s beautiful and I’m sure it’s not true. Also Ariel Does Not change her appearance to be more attractive to man. She wants to be with him and can’t if she’s got fins and he’s got legs, she can breathe under water and he can’t. And she Does have valuable stuff to say. She doesn’t give up her voice because she thinks she’s not gonna need she just gambles knowing thats the only price the witch will settle for.-_- ALSO. Belles has a lot more assets besides her beauty. Her wit, her knowledge, her loyalty, her ability to pick great men. And lastly Prince Charming doesn’t pick Cinderella just because she’s beautiful! He picks her because he can see that all the other presented women are boring and only interested in him because he’s the prince. Also she makes an entrance so she’s interesting, new and she’s doesn’t know he’s the prince at first so she’s not dancing him just because he’s rich and powerful. And he doesn’t save her purposely he just marries her because he loves her and it just so happens she had a bad life and he made it better. And the images used here suck.
    If shallow people didn’t only watch whats on the surface of a story instead of looking deeper and exploring it more and discovering that it’s not all about these women who were pretty and got true love because of that, the story underneath is they all had assets that contributed to the finding of their loves but nobody bothers to look for that because they’re content with blaming beauty because they’re insecure and it’s so stupid and annoying.-_-

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