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Ever wake up in the morning and start negotiating with yourself for more sleep? "If I don't eat breakfast before leaving, I can get 12 more minutes". "If I don't wash my hair, I can get another half hour". Or for us thicker-maned lasses for whom blow-drying is an Olympic sport, maybe the no hair-wash means an extra hour of sack time! Precious currency in the world of morning routine to sleep negotiations. Enter dry shampoo.

This magical powdery mist can prolong a blow-dry for days, leaving the hair-dryer safely ensconced in the bathroom cupboard, you peacefully clocking those extra Zs, and your hair looking fresh way longer than it should. The "how" is simple: shake can, hold about 12 inches from your head, spray directly onto hair, concentrating at the roots. Leave for a couple of minutes, rake fingers through hair a bit to rub it in and then brush out the magical potion (we use a boar-bristle brush). The "what" can be more complicated for dry shampoo virgins. Here are our top 3 drugstore picks.

1. Klorane Oil-suppressing Dry Shampoo (around $16.99 at most drugstores)

Klorane dry shampoo gets the job done by absorbing excess oil in the hair, leaving it looking clean and fresh. A bonus for those with sensitive skin who avoid heavy perfumes is its almost non-existent scent. We've noticed that this brand really requires a lighter hand for finer-tressed ladies, after an unfortunate incident that left a friend looking like she'd used Halloween grey-hair spray on her delicate mane. It's only other major downfall is its price. At close to twenty bucks a pop, heavy users such as ourselves will be taken to the cleaners (pun intended) if they stick to this brand loyally. Klorane is ideal for a less-frequent user with hair on the thicker side. For a gal addicted to the challenge of making a blow-dry last as long as possible, we'd recommend a more economical option. We've heard rumors of someone waiting 13 days between washes, but aren't naming any names...

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo (around $9.49 at most drugstores)

This little baby was discovered on a trip to the UK a few years back at the amazing pharmacy/heaven Boots. Boasting the claim of number one brand in the UK, we just had to try. This stuff is GOOD. If you're looking not only for cleaner-looking locks but renewed volume and body, this is the brand for you. Downsides include noticeable build-up after several consecutive days and, for some, the scent. The tropical scent featured is not for the faint of nose but we love the coconuty waft when we turn our head quickly. Others find it too over-powering. There are a couple of other scent options available, depending on where you live.

3. Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo (around $7.49 at most drugstores)

We tried this brand with much trepidation after discovering it on sale on a drugstore candy run. After a disastrous encounter with another inexpensive drugstore "salon" brand that felt like we were spraying thick, sticky hairspray right into our roots (ahem, La Coupe), we had our hesitations about an offering from a big beauty company like Dove. Alas, we were proven wrong! This product is truly weightless in formula, leaves very little build-up, has a pretty but unobtrusive scent, and is by far the most affordable option. We've heard high praise from thick, unruly-maned ladies and fine-haired honeys alike.

Now go forth and stay dirty.

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