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The Sketchbook Project allows anyone to showcase their drawings, ideas, coloring, you name it

The Sketchbook Project is like a modern, err, past version of the blog--regardless of your skill level, you can sign up and exhibit your work for anyone to see. The difference here is that this project deals in paper. Remember that stuff?

The project allows artists to share their creative process and be exposed to (possibly) thousands of people. For $25, you will receive an empty sketchbook in the mail to fill with your work and send back. You pick a theme, such as “Things found under car seats,” “Heroes and villains” or “The worst story ever told.” Then thousands of the sketchbooks are cataloged, sorted and viewed in galleries and museums around the world.

The 2012 tour starts April 14th at the Brooklyn Art Library, where the sketchbooks will later take up permanent residence after travelling to thirteen other cities in North America and Europe.

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