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Loris Gréaud's new film talks to aliens in the ocean

Used by phytoplankton and other deep sea creatures, bioluminescence are clouds of light that can be seen from space. Scientists claim that this phenomenon is "the most widespread form of communication on earth." The question then becomes, if you're conceptual artist and filmmaker Loris Gréaud, how do you communicate back?

The answer is hip-hop, Charlotte Rampling and David Lynch. For some reason, we're not shocked. That's pretty much what we'd take with us for a pow wow with aliens.

Filmed over 36 months, this short film follows the production's quest to probe the unknown and say what's up. Rap trio Antipop Consortium does most of the talking "via probes, submarines and other sub-aquatic stations between -3500 and -5000 metros below sea level." It sounds confusing but Gréaud offers Rampling and Lynch as narrators to guide the way. Ok, maybe that doesn't make it any less surreal but if you're jumping into the deep dark abyss, it's nice to have David Lynch nearby.

Watch the trailer for Loris Gréaud's The Snorks below and check out the film's website for more.

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