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Sometimes all you can hope for is to bask in a warm glowing neo-croon, and when that desire becomes too much to bear, it's time for THOMAS

Hailing from the same city as most of the people making sexy music right now (Drake, The Weeknd, Drake ft. The Weeknd), Toronto native, Thomas Gill is the man behind THOMAS. His vocals are moist and intimate, floating through the ethereal low-end synthetic bliss that is his sophomore album   B R E A T H (Totally Disconnected). The emotronic post-smooth R&B, elicits the kind of enveloping listening experience that take you to where THOMAS knows you need to be.

There's a certain reminiscence of both HTDW and Kate Bush, as the jazz undertones lock in that precise rhythmic anchor while the vocals drift away. In "How's Everyone" he purrs lines like "Of course we're in the shower/And of course the water's hot." It isn't even a question.

Hit THOMAS' bandcamp for some free downloads off B R E A T H. "How's Everyone" is at top of the list.

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