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The duo behind Thomas Wakeford ss ’12 knows how to get your attention

Thomas Wakeford and Raphael Castelmezzano have created a collection of high contrasts and raw aesthetics. Their spring 2012 is a hot mess mix of 90s rave culture, Issey Miyake’s designs (as shot by Irving Penn) and “a Bret Easton Ellis in Los Angeles feeling to create a decadent mood for summer.” We should also add circus tents and Beetlejuice to that list.

And just like their unlikely list of references, tromp d’oeil prints, unfinished hems, folded foil, patent leather, alligator-covered lambskin, and star bursts in teal, orange, and lemons make sense together. It sounds pretty nutty in theory, but it works.

Check out some of the looks we liked most from Thomas Wakeford s/s '12 above and below.

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