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Clean barrels, dirty barrels

Sitka Surfboards and Pacific Wild present Tipping Barrels: Journey Into The Great Bear, a twenty-minute short that’s one part surfing doc and two parts persuasive environmental journalism. Surfer bros (actually brothers, bros) Arran and Reid Jackson venture through Central and North Coast of B.C., one of the few and largest unspoiled rainforests in the world, into wolf, grizzly, and Kermode spirit bear turf. Directed by Ben Gulliver, this stunning piece pulls at your heartstrings and makes you want to hug a bear, a tree, or even kiss a salmon.

The documentary title Tipping Barrels: journey into the Great Bear plays on a double meaning--while you can find secluded beaches with hollow wave barrels to surf all along The Great Bear coastline, the entire rainforest is currently at risk of being pummeled with the Northern Gateway pipeline, an extremely expensive oil highway that will run from Alberta right through to the West Coast. It will eventually deliver barrels of crude oil to Asian markets, but cause some major problems for the bears.

Watch Sitka’s Tipping Barrels: Journey Into The Great Bear below.

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