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And it's his Birthday today! Happy Birthday Tittsworth!

Tittsworth started DJing at 15 years-old, when he locked himself in a room and tried to make sense of random pieces of vinyl and a rubber band driven deck. "I would practice spinning between a cheap deck and tape!" Tittsworth says. "Mixer was so busted you had to jump kick the fader." He's now toured around the world--from Autralia to Asia, even packing clubs in Sao Paulo and playing alongside the likes of A-Trak and The Rapture.

We caught up with Tittsworth (post show, see below) to ask him a few questions. See what his worst expereince was DJing, what's coming up for him and what kind of microbrewed drink he likes (it's not beer!).

This Friday (Feb. 26) Tittsworth be playing a huge bash at a secret location in Chinatown, called Lunar New Year with Justine D, Egg Foo Young (Michna), and Tiny Pants. There will be free beer, free Asia Dog hotdogs (we're still trying to figure out what these are) and entry free entry with RSVP here. You can also follow the hearty twitter for location announcement.

1. What trends are you seeing in music right now?

At this point we've been introduced to club, to bassline, to bounce, whatever-- it's like, it's time to freak it! Get creative, get deep, get freaky, get somethin'!

2. Who are some emerging artists you think will become popular?

Nadastrom, Starks and Nacey, Bird Peterson, if you get a chance, check out my new top ten I just threw up on

3. What are you currently working on?

50,000 plant scion cd's about to hit the streets and I have a new track with ninjasonik on it. In the studio now with some big artists for an upcoming album. Playing ring around the rosey right now to see if we can get these artists to sign off on a ministry of sound offer. Aaaaalso, my new club in dc opens in march! is focused on dance music in one of DC's best sounding rooms!

4. Drink of choice?

High mountain tea, a good green or microbrewed root beer!

5. What's the worst thing anyone has ever asked you while you're djing?

One time in NY somebody asked me to lower it when the cops came in looking for bribes. Coked out manger started yelling to cut the volume, bass AND tempo! Wtf!!! Can I live? I just hit stop and thought about stealing the CDJ.

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