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Joe Pesci in Love Ranch

hearty's Top Ten Summer Indie Flicks!

With the heat in full swing, we have to ask: global warming, or is this just a cruel, cruel summer? Whatever we chalk it up to, we're glad for we have our favorite indoor icebox to rely on--the movies. Although there will be a slew of warm weather Blockbusters like The Last Airbender and Inception, the indie market is gearing up for a summer full of Oscar contenders, and we put together a list of our top ten picks.

1. Love Ranch--Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci star as brothel owners in this dark family drama loosely based around the infamous Bunny Ranch. With prostitutes, cash and Helen Mirren all sexied up, this one's not for the faint of heart.

Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone

2. Winter's Bone--With intense, groundbreaking performances, this Sundance Jury Prize winner depicts a working class 17 year old struggling to take care of her two younger siblings in the Ozark Mountains.

3. The Secret in Their Eyes--Ok, so this Argentinian flick already won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film, but if you haven't seen it yet, this take on a detective's dark and unraveling obsession with a haunting case from his past will win you over too.

4. The Extra Man--After starring in There Will Be Blood, we're stoked to see favorite Paul Dano tackle a quirky coming-of-age type tale. Based on a Jonathan Ames novel, Dano learns some serious life lessons from influential older men, including one Kevin Kline in this destined-to-be-a-hit flick.

Joan Rivers in Joan Rivers a Piece of Work

5. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work--You'll laugh, cry, and see more plastic surgery than you thought possible!

6. Get Low-- An aging recluse, played by Robert Duvall, throws a fake funeral for himself! And Billy Murray and Sissy Spacek show up! We're guessing drama ensues?

7. I Love You Phillip Morris--Boy meets boy--in solitary confinement--and the rest is history! Starring Ewan McGreggor and the incomparable Jim Carrey, this flick is one a fresh take on a love story.

8. Great Directors--This Cannes Film Fest favorite doc features amazing interviews with some of the most respected auteurs, including David Lynch, Todd Haynes, and Richard Linklater.

Jonah Hill and Marissa Tomei in Cyrus

9. Cyrus--Jonah Hill stars as a 21-year-old with a bit of an Oedipal complex in this comedy featuring Marissa Tomei and John C Reilly.

10. I Am Love--While this movie is more of a visually appealing than the story is interesting, it has Tilda Swinton in some pretty amazing clothes. 'Nuff said!

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