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Toro Y Moi offers up a remix of his new single, featuring Hodgy Beats

In anticipation of his new LP Anything in Return, Chaz aka Toro Y Moi released a remix of the track "So Many Details" which features lyrics from Odd Future's Hodgy Beats. It's a b-side song that gives us just a taste of the new album. On January 22nd, you'll be able to hear the whole thing.

In the summer, we wrote about the Toro Y Moi and Tyler the Creator collaboration. With "So Many Details," it looks like Chaz is diving deeper in hip hop territory or prepping for the gang initiation to join OFWGKTA. It's probably a mild jumping in ceremony that involves skateboarding stoned while holding a cat. We asked Chaz about hip hop in our feature article and he said, "I don’t listen to hip hop to make hip hop beats. It's not like that." His outside influences give hip hop a fresh injection of electro bedroom sounds.

Listen to the song below and read our interview with Chaz of Toro Y Moi here.

So Many Details (Remix featuring Hodgy Beats) by ToroyMoi

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