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Toro Y Moi tries not to make any facial expressions in "So Many Details"

Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi rocks a mean khaki in his new video for the track "So Many Details." In the song, he laments over a lost love but the video shows an apathetic man with an equally disinterested, yet smoking hot, female companion. They drive to an ultra modern house where she takes a bath and dances while he wears a turtleneck and tries not to make any facial expressions.

"So Many Details" is the first single from Toro Y Moi's album Anything in Return which will be released on January 22nd. The music video's producers, Ghost Robot, will "unlock" another Toro Y Moi video if "So Many Details" gets 250,000 views. You  can do your part by watching the video below. Want to know more about Toro Y Moi? Read hearty's interview with Chaz here.

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