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Angel Haze wants her work to start paying off

If you don't have this girl on your radar yet, you've been sleeping on the rap scene. Angel Haze is a 19-year-old Native American emcee living in New York who's lyrics command respect, focus and hype. She released her latest track, "Werkin Girls," today and it's a dense two minutes of blunt flow and sharp self-aggrandizing statements about how Haze is ready to get money. After years of creating, deleting and recreating personas on YouYube and Twitter, the once camera-shy rapper sounds like she wants to step into the limelight. Cue the bank checks. Yeah, it's a rap game motif, but in this case there seems to be something earnest underneath the young artists' boasting.

Haze's online presence reveals a ton of personal information about her life growing up with a mother who was shunned from their church, about Haze's own bisexuality, and her struggle through a childhood that felt unnatural to her. One thing Haze is clear about--none of it's dramatics. She's the first to tell you she "ain't no fucking actor."

If she keeps throwing out bangers like this there's no doubt the girl's going to get paid for real. Download Angel Haze's Werkin Girls here and watch her rise.

Photo by: Lucas Farrar

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