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Dominic Lord and Blood Diamonds meet up at KMA Studios

Harlem rapper, Dominic Lord and producer Blood Diamonds (Grimes collaborator) met up at KMA studios in New York to work on a cut of their new single Barcode. The pairing of Blood Diamonds twinkling pop beats with the heaviness of Lord's hip hop edge makes it a versatile track fit for the club or for bopping along to through your headphones. A Florence-esque female vocal sample balances out Lord's heated threats, AK-47 and I'm coming where you live.

There might not really be any barcodes that read AK-47 on them, but that could be a good specialty tag on one of Dominic Lord's potential fashion lines. The style maven might not have a label to his name yet, but he loves to remind his fans about his background in clothing design. Maybe he can give Blood Diamonds a thought or two about his bleached out mop?

Stream Dominic Lord and Blood Diamonds' "Barcode" below and get the single when it's released on Skrillex's OWSLA label February 26.

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