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The evil cartoon rapper is about to say something

Captain Murphy is an evil cartoon rapper that surfaced this summer. Yes, you did read that right. His track, "Between Friends," was featured on one of Adult Swim's Singles Series. He got looks for having Earl Sweatshirt on a Flying Lotus produced track, that's a lot of clout for a cartoon these days. After some back-and-forth rumors that he was part of Odd Future, he announced his independence from the crew on Twitter and pledged his allegiance to Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus' label.)

Now the villain is back with a new video-mixtape called Duality. It's a 30-minute assertion of his status as a cult-obsession with raw footage from 90's movies set against his growling, measured verses. Once again, the Captain has taken to Twitter to shout out Just Blaze and Clams Casino, among others, for contributing to the production on Duality.

Watch the video mixtape on his site and stay tuned for more adventures with rap's newest bad boy.

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