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Counting on something impossible

Arthur Ashin, AKA Autre Ne Veut's previously released single, "Counting," has been given a twist with the addition of NYC rapper, Mykki Blanco. The release of the David Riley-directed video puts Blanco in scrubs with Ashin aside his dying grandmother's hospital bed. "Counting" comes off, at first listen, like a soothing love song, but it actually revolves around Ashin's fear of his grandmother's mortality. The already cross-genre song blends future pop with r&b, and Mykki Blanco's softer-than-usual rap verses offset the dark subject matter with a nice sentimentality.

Autre Ne Veut’s new album Anxiety is out on Software Records February 12th. Watch the video and listen to the new version of "Counting" featuring Mykki Blanco below.

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