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This week's Track Meet Kilo Kish thinks she can't rap

Understated recklessness is bad behavior at its most seductive and Kilo Kish's "Crosstown" oozes that ethos with every drum beat. She's a 21-year-old art student, rolls with Odd Future, and insists that she can't rap. But Kish released one of the hottest tracks we've heard in a while and made the whole thing seem effortless.

She waxes poetic about getting fucked up on the crosstown bus in NYC on some kind of drugged-out urban vacation with her love interest. Her throaty whispers make the whole ordeal sound so sexy it's only a matter of time until she explodes into superstardom for that "I don't give a fuck" attitude young male rappers seem to have pinpointed. This girl's gonna be a star, so get your first listen to her single "Crosstown" below. And watch out for her forthcoming album Sick Sad World.

Crosstown (prod. Matt Martians) by Kilo Kish

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