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Drone on done over

Let's paint a portrait. You're sitting in a jungle-themed lounge with a Swedish goddess dressed in flowing white linens serenading you, and all of a sudden, five footworkers start dancing all around you. No, this is not a dream, it is the visual counterpart to Supreme Cuts' remix of Physical Therapy's latest single "Drone On," featuring Jamie Krasner.

It sounds like a lot going on in one track, a natural soundscape, ethereal vocals, and kicking drums all roving at 180bpm, but somehow it comes together into a coherent song. After releasing the most haunting horrorcore rap mixtape, Supreme Cuts brings this soft, warm and melting remix to their repertoire. You know we always loved Physical Therapy, but these young Chicago-bred producers are clawing their way into our hearts.

Listen to Supreme Cuts' remix and watch the video for Physical Therapy's "Drone On," ft. Jamie Krasner below.

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