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Fatima Al Qadiri's Vatican Vibes, video by Tabor Robak

Last week Fatima Al Qadiri released Genre Specific Xperience, a 5-track EP that toys with the limitations and boundaries of sub-genres of dance music. The video above is for Vatican Vibes, Qadiri's haunting Gregorian Trance track, a genre that became emblazoned in her aural subconscious during her childhood in the Gulf. The console-framed and violently Catholocized video above was created by Brooklyn visual artist Tabor Robak.

Qadiri's EP release party was held at New Museum where she screened music videos commissioned from artists who interpreted each specific genre's music video archive--what Qadiri termed the visual language of that genre.  During the discussion that followed the screenings, Qadiri's explanation of the conceptual framework of the project as a whole can best be conjured with the word impression.  Rather than subverting, recreating, or directly appropriating the specific genres she chose to work with, Qadiri created her own impressions of the five genres - Gregorian trance, Juke, Hip Hop, Electro-Tropicaliyah, and Dub Step. Qadiri spoke about her creative process admitting that she thinks very little about her audience, but drew rather from personal experiences and her own aesthetic preferences when she set her intentions to create a Juke track, or a Dub Step track.  What came out, she mused, never fit comfortably within the borders of the genre she had in mind. Watch for the release of the rest of the work's videos on her site and read Qadiri's Global .Wav Column on Dis here.

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