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Don't give it all in one go

It seems fair to say there are two primary things driving hype for any cultural object, be it music, film, or a pair of Yeezys. One of them is good marketing, and the other is superb quality. Purity Ring has both the talent and smarts to combine the two, knowing when to say, "this just isn't quite good enough" or holding off from releasing a song. Like romances that open up slowly at first, the simple effect of withholding can be extremely powerful in relation to how strongly you want something. Purity Ring has garnered a devoted following, having only released a handful of songs. So, the buzz surrounding the release of their first full-length Shrines is something to be admired.

The synth-pop heavy hitters gave us a taste of the forthcoming LP by releasing a new track yesterday. "Fineshrine" has layers of depth in its melancholy intro, italo-disco rhythmic base, pretty vocals and slightly off-kilter lyrics. One of the consistent features of Purity Ring's music holds true in the track--you have to pay attention to what they're saying to catch the ugliness of the words. The grit can easily be shadowed by the beauty of Megan James' sweet  voice. Here's to hoping they stay as vigilant and complex throughout the entirety of Shrines.

Listen to "Fineshrine" below, and watch for Shrines set to be released by 4AD on July 24.

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