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It's a beautiful life according to jj

Swedish duo jj makes music that sounds like ecstasy. The first taste of their forthcoming 7" jj nº 4, is an A-side called "Beautiful Life." Though still singing gangster rap in a Swedish accent, their new track transitions away from the darker and more emotive sounds of their recent past releases. Instead, "Beautiful Life" takes us back to a place of dreamy lightness as the vocals--about cocaine and being at the top of the game--guide you through the song. Remember their track "Ecstasy"? Listening to it actually gave you a sort of mimicking high. They're like thug-fairies with their sweet pop crooning and raunchy hip hop lyrics. Just lean back and embrace the narcotic content.

Secretly Canadian will release jj n° 4 on May 8. In the meantime listen to and download this week's Track Meet, "Beautiful Life" below.

jj, "Beautiful Life"

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