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R Kelly and Kanye West pair up on the debut track of Cruel Summer

"Let me see you put your middle fingers up to the world," coos our favorite R&B prophet, R Kelly. Today Kanye West's Good Music coalition leaked its debut album, Cruel Summer, and "To The World," is the first track. With offensive hand gestures and self-aggrandizing rap lyrics in tow, Kelly and West pair up to call to all the fans who have been waiting patiently for this album to drop and, kind of, deliver.

It's not a banger, and to be sure, the lyrics cover everything important in the world--women, money, and the number of awards R Kelly has on his mantle. The intro unsuccessfully approaches grandness with a crescendo of strings and beating drums, but never quite gets there. In our heads, pairing the most ridiculous Hip Hopera composer in the world, R Kelly, with the most unapologetic makeover artist for the woman he's dating in the world, Kanye West, would mean that the sheer audacity should amount to something ironic and incredible. Instead, the mediocrity of the track reflects the underwhelming effect of the rest of the album.

What is worth mentioning about the compilation, though, is that the majority of the performers featured hail from Chicago. This includes the 17-year-old Chief Keef, who is tied up in investigations related to the death of another teenaged rapper from Chi Town, Lil Jojo. Regardless of whether or not West is ready to defend the musicality of this album is one thing, but we're waiting for his defense of the way he's supported Keef, who tweeted "LMAO" in the wake of his peer's death. We're still waiting.

Listen to Kanye West and R Kelly's "To The World," below and let us know how you feel about the album and Chief Keef's involvement.

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3 Responses to “Track Meet: Cruel Summer Leak”

  1. Jess Bloom Jess Bloom says:

    I clicked play and Matt was like, “Are you writing about R.Kelly again?” and I was like, “No, no, it’s Dana” Hearty Mag should be getting comped tickets for sure.

  2. Dana Dana says:

    HAHA, I couldn’t help myself. But I’d go…just saying.

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