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Laurel Halo is re-imagining beauty through sensual ugliness

Laurel Halo released “Light + Space” this week on Kode9′s label Hyperdub, joining previous Track Meet artist, Burial. In this track she forgoes the use of autotune and limits reverb to distill the humanity of her voice's imperfection, and it's the distinguished mark of her voice that truly sets her apart from the ubiquity of like-sounding experimental electro. The emotional value of the outcome is something that becomes difficult to pinpoint through language. The raw and gritty texture of her voice calls to mind early releases from the Dirty Projectors and the honesty of Joanna Newsom's "Emily." Halo herself, afterall, is the first one to remind us that, "Words are just words that you soon forget." The visceral reaction takes precedence, which is something that seems to be becoming rarer and more precious these days.

Stream Laurel Halo's "Light + Space" below. Her forthcoming full-length Quarantine will be released on June 5th via Hyperdub.

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