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"Kindred" is the title track of Burial's latest EP released on Hyperdub this week

William Bevan, the man behind Burial, is from London and was entirely anonymous while his first two albums, Burial and Untrue received tons of critical acclaim worldwide. He finally revealed himself in 2008--we think mostly because people were starting to say he was Aphex Twin--and is arguably the world's most respected dubstep producer.

Burial's music holds a heavily weighted nostalgia for the recent past--it is both self referential and peripatetic. His latest EP, Kindred, was released on Hyperdub this week and if you haven't listened to it yet you are lucky to be able to have your first go with it. The tone of the EP feels colder, in certain ways, and perhaps less delicate than anything he's made in the past. Untrue was the kind of album that soullessly broke your heart and saved your life at once. The minimal vocals on the title track of this EP are so tightly wrapped around the driving pulse of the drums there isn't really that moment of decompression that feels familiar with Burial. But it moves forward relentlessly with those beautiful haunting cries behind it--music for a soldier of the everyday.

Stream "Kindred" below and get the digital EP on Hyperdub's website. There will also be a forthcoming vinyl release, however production has been temporarily postponed.

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