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There's no confidence like teenage confidence

There are some teenagers in this world who fly on the confidence of youth--one that is completely unaware of everything they haven't experienced yet. It's that attitude that lets them think they know exactly what they want, what is right, and that they aren't going to listen to anyone else. These kids either get smacked in the face by someone older and wiser, or they fly thousands of feet above their peers. Dominic Lord is a 19-year-old kid from Harlem who rolled with the A$AP Crew, plays the fashion game and usually wins and then moved on to his own music career before starting the second decade of his life. Dominic Lord is heading towards the latter.

Dominic Lord dropped "Old English" today and the ambient beats and samples of birds chirping place him in an interesting cross-genre space. He raps with the easy flow and absence of urgency that marks this year's biggest rap names, but, his favorite musician is Grimes and it's evident in his music. His bold sense of taste is the quality that's letting him push boundaries and make tracks that sound new and interesting.

Listen to "Old English" below and watch out for this kid--it's almost his 20th birthday.

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