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Just like Jesus, sort of

We love a good rebirth. About a year ago a beautiful sunnypop gem called Frequency was released by a bedroom artist from Jacksonville named unouome. And just like one of our favorite biblical figures, he has been reborn as Yuno--bet this is the first time he's been so directly compared to Jesus.

Yuno's "Sunlight" is a dreamy reverb-heavy love song. Coming out right in the middle of August, it's the perfect release date to make you nostalgic for a summer that hasn't quite ended. His delicate vocals and charmingly simple lyrics are drenched in just enough soft distortion to make you wonder why anyone ever cares about crisp sound quality at all. The best part of the release? He wants to make more! Yuno has created a kickstarter page asking his fans to fund the recording and production of his first full length album.

Listen to "Sunlight" below and help him out if you want to hear more.

Sunlight by YUNO

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