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The Drowners are NYC's freshest pop-punk band comprised of three young leather bomber-clad boys you probably want to have sex with

The boys of The Drowners are the kind of guys you see hanging out late night at that dive bar around the corner. Each member has their respective role. When he's not shredding guitar, Jack Ridley slings beers and plays American punk as the Lower East Side's most beloved bartender extraordinaire. After relocating from Texas 6 years ago, Drummer, David Rubin snaps photos and talks politics in his now-dampered Southern drawl--always with a bottle of Bud in hand.   And lead singer/resident Brit, Matt Hit flashes his model smile at the summer girls in floral prints, bobbing his head along to the endless Morrissey soundtrack that seems to plays in his head.

Together these three make up The Drowners, and we are pleased to offer you a first listen to their track "Long Hair." This jam is sure to be a summer staple, replacing last years repeated plays of that Wavves album everyone loved so much. It's an ode to warmer days when all the girls and all the boys around town have long hair and just don't care. We dig.

Download The Drowners' "Long Hair" below (right click, "save as") and catch them opening for the Vaccines at Webster Hall in NYC on April 23rd.


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24 Responses to “Track Meet: Long Hair”

  1. WintersTone says:

    Another forgettable hipster group with no substance produced by the culture industry. What a thrill.

  2. Dana Dana says:

    @Winterstone If you took the time to learn about the band you’d know that they’re involved in 3 other music projects and are about the blow up! But that’s okay, dismissing feels more comfortable than creating for some people.

  3. WintersTone says:


    The fact that you or whoever wrote this article…I mean press release would even use the classification “pop-punk” gives credence to the idea that this band, this article, and maybe this (online) rag are a joke. When you try and fuse those two mutually exclusive terms together, you are left with just “pop.” It’s nothing personal, I just don’t like bad music, bad press, or bad culture, but they sure are cute!

  4. WintersTone says:

    Matchbox 20 blew up once too.

  5. WintersTone says:

    Read some Adorno and get off the drugs.

  6. Dana Dana says:

    @Winterstone Thanks for the theory recommendation, you can check out my latest thoughts on Adorno here:
    That was written last week. If you’re looking for something more academic you can look up my thesis on Foucault and Adorno in the New York University library consortium.

  7. WintersTone says:

    So a smart girl like you must either really like this band or be really desperate for work to push this crap.

  8. WintersTone says:

    In one ear and right out the other.

  9. Dana Dana says:

    I do really like the band and I don’t think music or genre classifications always have to call on music writing archives. I’m not going to write up a defense of pop-punk as a genre–it ain’t even so serious like that. It’s a summer song about cute boys and girls and it sounds/feels good. Nothing wrong with that.

  10. WintersTone says:

    The problem with ignoring classifications is it leaves us with an incomprehensible monstrosity of, or lack of culture, where the only value left is the commodified and monetized. Think about how many 12 year old girl’s boyfriends lives you just ruined. Now they’re going to see cute guys in tight pants singing ordinary songs and their boyfriends, in order to impress them are going to emulate these guys, but before they can they have to go out and buy new threads and put together an act. By the time it all comes together they’ve wasted years of their lives and countless dollars trying to emulate some fictional image of rebellion and free love that’s been sold to them in order to get pussy. How do you think the Drowners got started? Use your critical theory prowess for the forces of good. We need people like you Dana. You went to NYU!

  11. WintersTone says:

    (There was at least one typo in their on the comma.)

  12. Mish Mish says:


    Why are you freaking out about them being called pop-punk? You know what? I’m almost 100% sure these dudes don’t call themselves that or anything or even care because most musicians don’t do that.

    I know from my experience that what people label my band as doesn’t matter to me and in fact, it’s annoying. By labeling us as “punk” people assign certain politics to us that we don’t necessarily believe in, but are attached to the genre. This is why people FLIP THEIR LIDS when we take a free rental car on tour from a “corporate” company. Would anyone flip if a pop or rap artist did this? No, because its assumed. But a “punk” OMG NO NO! I play loud, aggressive music… that’s all. It stops there. I thought punk meant doing whatever you wanted and making critical decides against others opinions, not conforming to some laundry list of “what makes a punk”.

    SO FUCK CLASSIFICATIONS. That’s what I say.

    Don’t know if this helps @dana or @winterstone and their argument but this is my two cents.

  13. Mish Mish says:

    Let them where their leather jackets and call themselves “pop punk” or “punk” or whatever. WHO CARES. If you hate something, you don’t have to look at it. THAT IS WHAT RULES ABOUT THE INTERNET!

    And… so this is where I turn away……

  14. Mish Mish says:

    AND @winterstone, I get your point…… I understand….. but you just have to relax because this is how the music industry goes and it sucks, but its not new….

    read this interview I did with Jennifer Finch, she’ll make you feel good. she made me feel better (the part at the end about the industry, underground etc etc).

    There is a lot of crap out there and its a WIGGLY WORLD, but you know, just educate those you can, people who love music will find GOOD, “REAL” AUTHENTIC BANDS (whatever that means now), so just relax.

  15. WintersTone says:

    @ MISH @ Dana

    I surf a lot and I listen a lot and coming across stuff like this drives me a little batshit. People who can do theory disseminating cultural garbage is degrading to all of us. This girl can pull off an Adorno-Foucault thesis and she’s marketing for a sub-mediocre overproduced “pop-punk” band who brings nothing to the table. (And I’m accounting for the fact that they may sell a million records in the future and “blow up.” That still doesn’t make them any good.)

    The absorptive capacity of cultural marketeers has successfully co-opted and repackaged nearly every musical “movement,” and its trappings (tight pants, cigarettes, and Morrissey shirts in this case) in the modern era, where it’s been profitable. Websites like this just serve to rush these movements/products to market, don’t they? Why do the culture industry’s work for them, especially when you’re capable of doing something benevolent?

  16. Dana says:

    @Winterstone Oh you surf? Thanks for throwing that in.

    What are you calling for? Benevolence has nothing to do with it. You want the return of authenticity? You’re grasping on to a notion of subjectivity and creation that is trapped in the Frankfurt School battle with enlightenment modernity. No one proposed this song or band as being some kind of subversive body battling the social ills of the culture industry. If you think any band, song, artist, or of art or culture can really exist outside that then you’ve missed the entire theoretical cannon from the last 40 years.

    You’re talking about these boys like they’re rolling around with Lana Del Rey’s PR team. They haven’t even played a show yet. They’re just friends making music together and the fact that they happen to fit into an aesthetic category that you find problematic is a separate issue. You don’t like tight pants and leather jackets? Go post on a men’s fashion blog.

    And just to clear something up, I’m not marketing for anything. hearty doesn’t write any sponsored content, we don’t do product placement, and if you think that every publication has to strive for subversion than you’ve missed the fun part of popular culture. Not everything has to be an in-depth battle.

  17. WintersTone says:

    Surf, so you would know how I found your blog. It just seems like a waste of talent for someone with theory and dual citizenship to write for a rag like this. But maybe I have missed the whole point?

  18. Dana says:

    This isn’t an academic publication, but every member of our staff is educated, opinionated, and willing to engage with your criticism, including myself. Just because I’m invested in theory doesn’t mean I have to write exclusively critical content. Being a multi-faceted thinker, writer, and reader is important for anyone who wants to use their brain in different ways. Earnestly enjoying culture products and getting pleasure out of them is something that hearty’s about and it is something that, I think, Adorno wanted for people. Using casual genre classifications for bands that may not challenge the culture industry’s marketed packages is not a violence done unto you, or our readers. We give you more credit to you than thinking you’re all going to run out and buy bomber jackets after you read this post. Just listen to the song and be attracted to someone or get excited about summer.

  19. Mish Mish says:


    You just got served, mother fucker!


  20. WintersTone says:

    I just got served man! What do I win?

  21. WintersTone says:

    Queen Dana doesn’t know shit about music.

  22. etienne says:

    dana just has a huge hard on for david thats probably all there is to it..

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