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Real talk isn't about establishing who's right and who's wrong, but what's right and what's wrong.  This is right.

Picture R. Kelly and a sitar player swimming below the warm depths of the ocean surrounded by sparkling starfish. This is the kind of imagery that Atlanta producer, Patrick Loggins aka Time Wharp's new song yrLyf conjures. The weightlessness of the first minute is grounded in the R. Kelly sample,  "I'm just trying to have a good time," slowed down and sprawled out then tucked beneath an ethereal aural comforter. What a way to get hyped for the new installments of Trapped In The Closet.

Time Wharp released yrLyf as a free download a couple days ago on Astro Nautico in anticipation of his forthcoming BLK EP. After dropping out of Berklee School of Music in Boston, Time Wharp's rolling out of MA back to ATL to complete his second EP. With 808 beats, R&B samples and a particular affinity to prescribed silences and absences, this release isn't something you should overlook. For now, listen to Time Whar's yrLyf below.

yrLyf by Time Wharp

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