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Street style and smoke

Trill Cunningham is the combination of J57 and F.Virtue. With a name prepped and ready for meme madness their irony-clad verses and hilarious of-the-moment truisms, "You're only as honorable as the last text you typed," they're a viral dream. Balancing smoke-induced apathy and with the anxiety that comes from being a young artist in the digital mecca of NYC, they find a sweet spot somewhere between self-deprecation and self-aggrandizement. "Resin," is a charming snapshot of a youth generation constantly bemoaning their virtual existence while being enthralled with it at the same time. All the while the half-joking sentiment of artists across the world, "F*ck you, pay me," underwrites the lyrics.

The New York-based rapper/producer duo have been working together for years on a slew of solo projects, but their debut self-titled EP as Trill Cunningham is due out on Tuesday, May 28. Stream their single, "Resin," below.

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    this shit is hot as hell

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