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Gobby's "Viewing Hrs (Zzz)" will have you confused about whether you're visiting your crazy friend, or are the crazy friend

We're not supposed to analyze song titles literally, but listening to Gobby's "Viewing Hrs (Zzz)" puts the listener in a spot where the difference between institutionalized person and visiting friend gets pretty blurry. You're juggling all the sounds and digital bytes Gobby has pulled from found YouTube footage melding them into a funk-house track that will have your eyes spinning in tiny circles. The repetition and revolving breakbeat laid under this bouncing orb of mangled internet sound has some carnival-esque tones that David Lynch could probably get down with. But for all its confusion, the track is fairly light and listenable.

Gobby, was recently signed UNO a that label seems to be one of the most obvious outlets breathing new whacko air into the soundscape. A little insanity can be refreshing.

Listen to this week Track Meet: Gobby "Viewing Hrs (Zzz)" below and check out his Soundcloud to get a better taste.

Viewing HRS (Zzz) by Gobby

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