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Wut is wut. That's wut's up.

What do Louboutins, bubblegum kush and ballroom culture have in common? The answer is NY's next big rap star Le1f. This week he released his first mixtape Darkyork and references all of the above in its second single "Wut." Produced by 5kinAndBone5, the track will get your ass shaking so fast you're going to have to bend your top half over just to keep up with your booty.

Le1f majored in Dance during his years at Wesleyan, rapping, Djing and producing while he finished school. The New York native understands performance on a whole slew of different levels--everything from the way he moves and spits to the way he dresses and laughs, makes it impossible to take your eyes off him when he's on stage. But performativity also plays a vital role in his recorded music and life. He raps about sexual encounters with dudes in clubs who stare at him like a piece of meat, barking out, "Ukrainian cutie he really wanna cuddle the fever in his eyes he wanna suckle on my muscle."

Pitchfork recently profiled him in an article highlighting NYC's Queer Rap scene. Le1f was apt to point out that comparing him to his peers and competitors based on his race and sexuality does little to connect with the specificity of his work. He is neither interested in being fetished as one element of a gay rap scene, nor pitted against them in a "room-for-one mentality" that he calls homophobic.

Movement lies at the heart of his music and he is also looking for people to move with him. Yesterday he tweeted, "@LE1FNY NYC: Filming a music video this Saturday for 'Wut' -if you can harlem shake, get light, or toe wop really well, message me ASAP!" You have three days to learn.

Download Le1f's debut Mixtape Darkyork to listen to "Wut" and the rest of the bombs he's crafted.

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