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Three ladies, three nipples, and three P's in the spelling. Introducing our new The Cover Story Trippple Nippples.

Having a third nipple is usually considered to be somewhat of an unfortunate thing. Not in the case of Trippple Nippples. This Japanese super group, spearheaded by frontladies Yuka Nippple, Qrea Nippple, and Nabe Nippple is tearing through the world one hot dog at a time (part of their stage performance involves eating and distributing the processed meat, but we won't wreck the surprise).

First watch our video with the band created by David Goldberg below (we suggest you watch in full screen mode). Then head over here to read our The Cover Story: Trippple Nippples. We promise you won't be disappointed.

hearty magazine Presents Trippple Nippples

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