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Don’t buy this Christmas, shred

Troy Dugas is a collage artist. But, he won't use just any scrap material--he uses shredded vintage product labels, exclusively. It doesn’t sound that impressive until you see his work. Hypnotizing spirals and patchworks, colored by decade-old ink from labels of shampoos, face creams, soda bottles, and candy wrappers boggle the mind. The patience and detail put into each piece is daunting, especially when you consider that many of the pieces are 6’ by 6’ in size.

Perhaps Dugas is trying to reverse the frivolousness of a lost era’s spending by turning it into something beautiful. He explains, “I use repetition, pattern, precision, and scale to distract from the original purpose of the label to sell a product.” Kind of makes you not want to buy anything this Christmas.

See more of Troy Dugas’ shredded vintage label collages below.

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