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In real life, Mariana Klaveno (aka Lorena, vampire Bill’s vengeful maker on HBO’s Trueblood) is a total mix of a Washington farm gal and a clever intuitive performer--she was even the valedictorian of her high school! But as Lorena on True Blood, she is anything but sweet. She characteristically morphs into a bloodthirsty bully who torments a slough of different cast mates with centuries-old rage and superhuman strength. Her menacing performance on Trueblood makes her someone we love to hate, but only in private because honestly she scares us!

When we last left Lorena she was taunting Sookie with her 200+ year relationship with Bill and caressing his face territorially (we think that would piss off any girl), but Sookie, in true Southern form calls her a “trashy bitch” and Lorena is forced to leave. But we knew the single bloody tear dripping down Lorena’s porcelain face would not be the last of her. And we were right! Lorena is back this season to scare the crap out of us and create some new enemies.

We talk with Mariana Klaveno about everything from her villainous character to who she thinks the hottest vampire on the show is to Twilight to Season 3 spoilers and Ponce de Leon. See what she had to say below.

Trueblood premieres this Sunday, June 13th at 9pm on HBO.

Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

Yes, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an actress.  I don’t really know where that comes from, since I grew up on a farm far away from any personal theatrical influences.

If you weren't an actress today what would you be doing?

If I weren’t an actress today I’d probably be living at home, mooching off of my parents.

Do you enjoy playing a villain on the show?

I do enjoy playing the villain, even though it doesn’t always score me points with the fans.  I get to say some of the best lines and act like I have supernatural strength.  Nothing is more fun than pretending to throw a guy across the room.  But then I go home and have trouble carrying my laundry basket up the stairs.

What's in store for Lorena this season? Will she reappear to make trouble for Bill and Sookie?

I have many scenes with Bill this season and also exchange several words with Sookie.  It’s a pretty safe assumption that Lorena brings trouble wherever she goes.  I think fans can look forward to seeing some new dynamics in the Bill/Lorena relationship, along with some peaks into the past.

Can you reveal anything juicy about Season 3?

There is one Lorena scene this season that I won’t tell you anything about, except that when I read it in the script my jaw dropped to the floor.

Is it fun to play a character that has lived in the civil war era, the roaring 20's and present day?

It is an insane amount of fun to do the flashback scenes.  Stephen and I always look at each other on those days and remark upon how lucky we are to work on such an incredible show.  I adore wearing period costumes.  Not only does it satisfy the little girl in me who incessantly wants to play dress-up, but also it’s so rare for an actor to play a character who spans so many decades or centuries.  That was one of the challenging and interesting things I got to play around with last season as well as this one—deciding how Lorena is different in the present compared to the past, how she remained the same, and also how well she’d adapted to each decade.

Trueblood was one of the original shows to "re-vamp" the vampire craze. What do you think of comparisons to projects like Twilight or Vampire Diaries. What makes your show unique?

I actually haven’t seen Twilight or the Vampire Diaries yet, but I think I’m pretty safe in assuming that True Blood has far more adult material than the other projects.

But aside from that, I think what distinguishes True Blood from not only other vampire shows but other shows in general is how it incorporates so many different themes into each episode.  It has romance, suspense, comedy, mystery, sex, blood & gore, politics, conflict . . .I could go on and on.  There is something for everyone and I think that explains how we have such an expansive and diverse audience.

What is the interaction between the cast like? Are you guys friends off-camera?

We are really close off-camera.  It is a wonderful and supportive group of people.  Our table reads become social hours because if you don’t have a scene with a specific character you rarely get to see that actor.  Anna and Stephen are very generous and often open up their home for cast & crew celebrations, so we always get to catch up then as well.

Trueblood has so many gorgeous cast members, who do you think is the hottest vampire?

I have to say my personal favorite is Pam.  The guys are all gorgeous, indeed, but my heart belongs to Pam.  Kristin and I have a fantasy that Pam and Lorena will embark on a shopping spree together that quickly turns into a Thelma & Louise adventure.

If you could pick one person, dead or alive, to bite and give eternal life to (essentially guaranteeing you some serious hang-out time) who would it be?

I’m going to go with Ponce De Leon.  He was always searching for the Fountain of Youth and I could finally give it to him.  I just hope he’s a decent conversationalist.

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