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Tupac lives, Digital Domain dies.

The company that resurrected Tupac as a hologram for Coachella now faces bankruptcy because its techno tricks are mad expensive. Co-founded by James Cameron in 1993, Digital Domain has won Academy Awards for their contribution of special effects to films like Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Thor. Those glory days are over, however. They recently had to close down a studio in Port St. Lucie, Florida and laid off over 300 employees.

The bulk of their business is being sold to Searchlight Capital Partners, a private equity fund. As part of the bankruptcy process, Digital Domain will be auctioned  off on September 21st so if you've got more coin than Searchlight, the visual effects group could be yours. What's $15 million when you could make holograms of Biggie or Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes for your living room? Going once, going twice.

If you want all the business details, you can check out Digital Domain's press release here.

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