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Ty Segall and Tim Presley of White Fence made an album

Around this time every year, we start wondering what's going to be that album for us this summer. There's always that album - the one with the feel-good track list that triggers easy going summer moods, the one that has go-to driving songs for the highways, once you've kicked your feet up on the dash (you're not the one driving).

When we heard Ty Segall was joining up with Tim Presley of the art/rock collective White Fence a little while ago, we'd bet our beach blanket this album was going to be it.

So how does it fare? It looks like we'll be holding on to that blanket.

While we have to admit it's not the best work Ty Segall's ever put out, Tim and Ty's new LP, titled Hair, blends their sounds intuitively.

Much like a collage, it's not always perfect, but it seems to work.

Separately, these two artists work on opposite ends of a similar genre. Together, they hit a mood somewhere just right and in the middle. Their characteristic nostalgia stems from '60s psychedelia, lo-fi garage rock, vintage reverbs, and classic rock and roll guitar solos, with a dash of punk here and there (at least in Ty's world), and some addictive spiraling hooks. Some songs have a little more of Ty's loud, rushing pace, while songs like 'Time' are a more minimal, soft, and mellow (at least at first).

It's predictable, but it's awesome.

Ty Segall and Tim Presley's LP Hair is out on Drag City.

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