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This free alarm app from Uniqlo might make your mornings a bit easier.

Cold and dark mornings are the worst. This is the season for snoozing an hour past wake up call and racing out the front door with uncombed hair and toast in your mouth Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-style. Uniqlo hopes to soothe your wake up woes with a free alarm app that plays different music depending on the weather outside, time and day of the week.

Composed by Cornelius and Yoko Kanno, the tracks also have a narrator which may or may not be annoying based on your affinity for twee Japanese voices. We're kind of into her janky over-emphasized way of speaking but that could wear off. Regardless, it's an interesting idea and we'll give it a shot because anything that helps with prying ourselves out of cozy, cozy duvets is worth trying.

Check out a video of the wake up alarm app below. You can download it here for iOS and here for Android.

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