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We're not entirely sure why this cat is wearing another coat besides its own, but we think he's cute! United Bamboo has us counting down the days untilĀ  the release of their Limited Edition Cat Calendar (November 15th to be exact). Each month, the United Bamboo Cat Calendar will feature a kitty wearing different United Bamboo outfits (How do they make the clothes that small?) posing for photographer Noah Sheldon--who is known for his "Cats Wearing Clothes" photos. Insert meow meow song here.

See the full United Bamboo Cat Calendar outfit below.

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2 Responses to “Kitty Countdown”

  1. jess bloom says:

    i wonder what kind of drugs that cat’s on to make it ok with the parka

  2. […] of a cat call, animals wearing fashion is not exactly what comes to mind. United Bamboo’s cat calendars feature the United Bamboo collection (of course a mini cat-sized version) and are absolutely […]

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