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"We break like tacos!"

Mariah Carey's new video for "Up Out My Face" featuring Nicki Minaj, is boobs, Barbies, sexy nurse outfits, apples, hair salons, shopping, designer suitcases and a whole lot of red and white. Yes, Mariah! The video was directed by Mariahs hubby Nick Cannon and with it we learn a couple valuable things:

1. Valentine's day is sneaking up on us.

2. In-N-Out apparently makes hats worthy of Mariah. These men look like we might like fries with that.

3. Nick Cannon loves drums (and college), but Drumline is proving to be the peak of his career.

4. Sometimes it's good to have another mechanic under your hood.

5. All-red kitchenware is in?

We're slightly confused as to what the concept behind the video is, but we're still looking forward to Mimi's comeback, after all she's 40 something, bangin' and having Nicki on your team isn't a bad idea! As Nicki would say "I ain't mad."

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