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A few days ago, Urban Outfitters debuted a new "statement tee" on their website. The long, gray top read "Eat Less" in white cursive. Below the photo of a barely-there girl posing in the shirt, the caption said, "Eat less or more or however much you'd like in this seriously soft knit tee cut long and topped with a v-neck." Perez talked about it, Jezebel talked about it and the Huffington Post questioned if it was tasteful or tasteless? We think the answer is pretty clear.

There is nothing clever or witty about the "Eat Less" t-shirt. Nothing. What is the point of something like this except to drive controversy and backlash? Sure, Urban Outfitters has removed the shirt from their website but sales representatives in Manhattan confirmed the shirt is still being sold in store. But "only in larger sizes," if that makes any sense or softens the Pro-Ana blow of this shirt. It's shocking enough that people will wear cheesy ironic shirts that say, "I'm with Stupid," let alone one that promotes eating less. Seriously, why should we? Eat more, drink more, play more and shop at Urban Outfitters less.

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8 Responses to “Eat Less”

  1. Gillian Gillian says:

    does it only come in size Small and Extra Small?


  2. T.I. says:

    that’s horrible! i really can’t believe they made something like that.

  3. T.I. says:

    and the fact that its only being sold in larger sizes makes me sick.

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  5. jessbloom says:

    there was a really cool girl i went to high school with that wore a shirt that said, “i ate the whole thing”.

  6. Mark says:

    simple fact is most people should “eat less” i see the unfortunate consequences that the absurd level of importance being presently placed on appearance and on girls especially but the statement is actually one that should be being made more frequently. how often has a truly over-weight person whined that it is easier for you (to maintain a healthy weight) simply ignoring the fact that they are themselves responsible. i don’t think that i’d want a superthin model like the one in the photo above wearing that but, i catch myself saying “eat less” everyday to my friends who whine, i usually throw in an: and maybe leave your apartment today…

  7. Sam says:

    I see nothing wrong with this shirt. It should not be looked at as offensive; it should be looked at as encouraging. I think it is sad and sick that the media and society is encouraging people to be proud of their bodies despite their unhealthy habits. Instead of condemning any weight we should advocate healthy eating habits and that means, for the most part, that means eating less and choosing healthier items to support our bodies. I am only ashamed of Urban Outfitters for not sticking to their convictions and removing this shirt from sale. I want this shirt. I would wear it with pride, in the hope that someone might read it and decide to live a healthier lifestyle, subsequently saving their arteries and their life.

  8. pixel says:

    “Eat less” and “Eat healthy” are two completely different ideas. Eating less is a form of starvation. Eating healthy is a form of nourishment.

    Where was the art director for this project? No one spoke up in any of the pitch meetings and said, “Hey what if this offends/encourages anorexia?” Really, to avoid any flack, they could’ve just written “Consume less”, reinforcing the idea that we should consume less things that are marketed to us… which I think (hope, rather) is the concept they were aiming for.

    Hindsight is 20/20 at Urban Outfitters apparently.

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