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Troubled Romantics is inspired by the love story of The Cobains

Urban Outfitter's has taken what they call "the greatest love story of Generation X" to inspire a new collection titled Troubled Romantics. Who are the "trouble romantics"? The "greatest love story of Generation X"? Well, it's Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain of course. The union of these two rock icons has inspired everything from books to blogs and now a clothing line featuring lace lingerie and ripped plaids, of course. Maybe Urban Outfitter's was trying to channel the glamorous life of heroin addiction and gas-station-dinners that Love and Cobain had in the early 90s, but the clothing looks more like a throw-back to Stevie Nicks--coincidentally, one of Love's idols--mixed with some hodge-podge brand of California-chic. Romantic? Maybe. Troubled? Maybe. Inspired by The Cobains? You decide.

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