News__ Last Night’s Makeup in the AM

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Beauty tips we can actually dig from our new hearty makeup artist, Angela.

Oops! We've all had that one drink (we weren't really supposed to have) that turns into an epic night. It's ok if you can spend the next morning in bed recovering but if not here are some lightning speed tips to not only take care of your abused skin but create a sexy and fresh look and get you to work on time.

  • Leave your mascara and eyeliner on. All night eye make-up can seep deep enough into your eyelashes to create a cool smokey look. Clean off any clumps or stray dirty bits with a q-tip.
  • Thoroughly clean your skin with witch hazel and cotton pads or make-up remover wipes and remember to avoid cleaning your eye make-up off, only getting around the eyes to tidy it up.
  • Dab on some tinted moisturizer with spf.
  • Apply some highlighter cream under the eye, a little on top of the cheeks and a little at the inner corner of your eyes (closest to your nose).
  • Quickly rub blush cream on the apple of your cheeks.
  • Smack on some lip balm, and you're all set! This is also a good time to use your subway/cab ride to work to dab on a little powder from your compact if you're afraid of shine.
  • Don't forget to clean your eye-makeup off properly later on. The eye infection gods only spare you one day of being lazy.

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