News__ Bedazzled Vaginas?

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First, it was Christian Audigier bedazzling clothing for grown men, then it was Paris Hilton's phone, now your vagina?  Jennifer Love Hewitt, suggested women should start bedazzling their vaginas to feel better about life and it's turning into a trend--vajazzled. A video of this "sparkling" experience has been floating around the internet, where a young bedazlee's (yeah, we just made this word up) gets her vagina bedazzled. The best/worst part is the awkward on camera pant-unbuttoning at the end. Is that even where her vagina is? Apparently we were out kicking rocks during sex ed class. Maybe in line with Audigier, men will be bedazzling their junk in no time too! Don't count us in though. We'll stick with bedazzled glasses, thank you Ms. Rose!

Via: Gawker

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