News__ You, Really Kick Ass!

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Our Kick Ass contest is officially coming to a close and we have to say we had some pretty hilarious responses as to why people "kick ass." But our winner really used his kick ass powers to come up with a kick ass answer--he typed them in comic font. Now that is really kick ass.

"Im Kick-Ass because im using Comic Sans MS font and because i saved a baby that was about to fall off the golden great bridge. Also because Ronald Reagan was my grandfather and if it werent for him there would still be a Soviet Union. Not only that if i dont get those shoes i will tell Hit Girl to KICK YOUR ASS !!!!!

P.S. Im a size 10.5"

Congratulations, Alex Gonzalez! You indeed kick ass and will especially kick ass in these shoes. And please don't get Hit Girl to kick our asses.

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