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Yes please.

Versace. The name now conjures images of Donatella and Medusa as well as colorful, flowy, expensive prints and dresses. In the early days, big hair reigned and Richard Avedon shot. The nineties were the golden era -- literally golden, ornate prints and lots of leather (see the chaps and cowboy hats re: Spring 1992 and cowboy western leather button ups re: Fall 1992.)  All eras of the brand saw lots and lots of scantily clad, ab-abundant men (see the Bonus campaign from 1994 featuring Slyvester Stallone and Claudia Schiffer).

Check out 33 years of Versace campaigns here and below.

Fall 1981

Circa 1990

Spring 1992

Fall 1992

Circa 1994

Bonus 1995

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