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On our last day of SXSW a fight broke out between A$AP's crew and the entire crowd, guess we're leaving Austin with a bang

Thank god, we are packing up this house to get out of Austin. Through endless drunken nights, gyspy cab pick-up trucks, clogged toilets, and wild parties, we're feeling very ready to go home. The last few days, we took breaks to get into nature, driving a desert road to the Hamilton Pool again, and this time it was open. It was a stunning oasis--somewhere between a cave, a lake and a waterfall. It was a nice way to rinse off the hangover.

If you haven't already read about it on Twitter, the guestlist VICE party fell apart in about 2 minutes and we were there to witness it. A$AP Rocky and his mob got pissed off enough to charged into their own crowd and a 500 person flash fight broke out, between the audience and A$AP's entourage. It was entirely psychotic. Obviously booking a hardcore punk show (Trash Talk) and following it up with a group of Harlem rappers doesn't go over well. But the big lesson goes as follows: don't tell your crowd to stop doing something, because they most definitely will. "If any of y'all throw one more beer can, we're gonna come in there and find you." Just take a wild guess at what happened after that.

The week finished off more peacefully with happy hour patio drinks, the hangover party at Beerland, and King Tuft's last show. We're getting really excited for the upcoming album.

Anyways, time to to say goodbye to Texas. We'll miss our little commune lifestyle. Time to sleep in a real bed and take these rolls of film to get developed. Photo gallery coming next week!

hearts Kate + Aiya

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