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Vintage Mickey Mouse Champion Keds Shoe and Sketch Art Minnie Mouse Champion Keds Shoe

If the Vintage Disney Keds aren't enough for you as is, you can customize them the way you like. We like the way the plain versions look but there's no harm in changing the sole, stitching, or trim--little blue here a little yellow there, and Mickey and Minnie everywhere. Available in styles like the Champion, the shoes are decorated with different Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs and are seriously adorable (and not just for kids).

Below are some of our favorites from the Vintage Disney Keds collection.

Mickey Mouse Icon Champion Keds Shoe and Womens Vintage Mickey Mouse Slip On Keds Shoe

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  2. LeeAnn Spadea says:

    Seriously, how can I order the Mickey shoes? Way beyond cute!! I must have!!!!!!

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