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Isabel Marant plays executive producer in this noir art film

Vis a Vis is a collaborative short film by artist Marko Velko, director Skye Nicolas and designer Isabel Marant. Transforming New York City into an empty dream world, the silent black and white noir clip follows model Alexandra Tomlinson from her apartment to downtown, then ends back where she started. It's a watered down version of a Maya Deren's work with a sidebar of Marant's enviable wardrobe direction, i.e. a little bit arty but undoubtably a fashion flick. It makes us wonder if Marant would ever go the way of Tom Ford and make a feature.

Interestingly, the 60's aesthetic with a lonely femme fetale archetype appears in both Vis a Vis and the recent Erin Wasson film L'Intruse. Will this be a bigger theme for 2013? Does this speak to a current climate of feminine isolation and ennui of gendered societal roles? Or are we just moving on from platforms and ombre hair to strappy shoes and eyeliner? Check out the film below and see if you see a similarity between the two films released this week.

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