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Have our dreams finally come true?!

No one wants a hangover. No one. And now, French designer Philippe Starck has teamed up with French American scientist David Edwards to create a spray that makes you drunk instantly. WA|HH Quantum Sensations is an alcohol aerosol spray that looks like a lipstick and dispenses 0.075 ml of alcohol—the minimum amount you need for the alcohol microparticles to stimulate the brain. Edwards claims, due to the design of Starck's container, the drunkenness is instant and full--minus the hangover. Each bottle delivers 20-25 sprays, and is set to hit European shelves soon for about 20 Euro ($26 USD).

It almost seems too good to be true, but this is only the latest creation in the line of what Edwards and Starck call "aerosol cuisine." These geniuses have already created a chocolate spray called "Le Whif." Get wasted and indulge on chocolate. No regrets.

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    super weird

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